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Revent x5000

Experience: x5000
Drop: 65%
Season 3 Episode 12 Premium
Maximum level: 400
Maximum Reset: 100
Grand Reset with 100 resets
Maximum Grand Reset: 999
Maximum stats: 65000
Level for guild creation: 150
MU Helper activation level: 1
Game commands: / str / agi / vit / ene / com / post and much more
Reliable protection against all sorts of cheats and dumb.
Bonuses through voting for the server.
Unique balanced spots in all locations!
Unique Quest Game System
Server uptime: 24/7
9 new jewels with unique properties!
Unique systems Auto Party & Party Leader!
Reconnect the system. Restoration to the party after the release or break of communication
Unique offline pumping
Premium system
3D Camera
Game Clock
New HP monster bars and player
New locations
New things
New wings
New monsters
New bosses

Posted 19 / 07 / 2018


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